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Hi there!

Juniper and I found Happy Paws at a cat show that came to town. I was given some samples for Happy Paws, and after the cat food health concerns/recalls, I did some research on the manufacturing facility and the ingredients, and decided to switch. Juniper, (a 6 year old female who has been indoors since birth, excepting a few lucky escape attempts) had been eating Iams indoor hairball and weight control for about 4 years. When I started running low on my Iams supply, I started mixing in Happy Paws; the mixture lasted about 9 days, with the percentage of Iams reducing daily, and then Juniper was eating 100% Happy Paws. Since then, she has been more energetic, for longer periods of time, her breath smells less like cat food (granted, it does still smell, but not as bad), and there has been a definite decrease in stools; as well, the stools are less odorous, and more solid.

As well, being born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia, I truly appreciate a local company looking out for our four-legged family members!

Juniper has been eating Happy Paws since March, and is happier than ever! Thanks!

Bethany and Juniper


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